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Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities
Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities

To provide funding to six universities to support their teams in starting technology businesses and commercialising their research and development (R&D) results.


In addition to the original component of the Scheme (TSSSU-O), an enhancement measure (TSSSU+) has been introduced with effect from 2023-24 to provide dollar-to-dollar matching funds to those start-ups which have demonstrated good growth potential through securing investment from private sector.

Funding Scope
Essential items for setting up and operating the start-ups (e.g. furniture and equipment, legal and accounting services, rental of necessary and suitable premises, manpower, etc.), expenditure on R&D, promotion activities and marketing of their R&D deliverables, products or services.

Funding Amount

  • An annual funding of up to HKD16,000,000 (i.e. HKD8,000,000 each for TSSSU-O and TSSSU+) is provided to each of the six universities. Each funded technology start-up may receive up to HKD1,500,000 each year for no more than three years under TSSSU-O or TSSSU+ respectively.
  • Funding is provided to the universities on a reimbursement basis after the close of each Government financial year. However, individual universities may, having regard to their needs, request advance payment of up to 50% of the approved funding amount.
Eligibility and Requirement

A technology start-up will be eligible to apply if:

  • it is registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance for not more than two years (for TSSSU-O) or not more than seven years (for TSSSU+) as of the date of the application deadline;
  • the team forming the start-up may have any mix of the students and professors of the university:
    (1) undergraduates, postgraduates or alumni; and/or
    (2) professor(s) or other faculty members serving as consultant(s) providing technical expertise and direction of the R&D; and
  • the amount of private investment it has secured during the recognized matching period is no less than the amount of funding it intends to apply for (for TSSSU+ applicants only).
Application Procedure

Interested technology start-ups should submit their applications to the knowledge transfer office/technology transfer office/entrepreneurial centre of their associated universities. The six universities have prescribed their respective application forms and guidelines on the handling of applications. For details, please refer to their websites –

Implementation Agent
Innovation and Technology Commission