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Cleaner Production Partnership Programme
Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

To encourage and facilitate Hong Kong-owned factories in Hong Kong/Guangdong Province to adopt cleaner production technologies and practices.


Cleaner Production Partnership Programme comprises three key Initiatives, namely On-site Improvement Assessments, Demonstration Projects (DP), and Organisation Support Initiative.

On-site Improvement Assessments

  • Nature of Project: To assess rooms for improvement in saving energy, reducing emissions and minimising material consumption, and to identify practical cleaner production solutions for participating factories
  • Funding Amount: 50% of consultancy fee (subject to a ceiling of HKD45,000)
  • Project Duration: Within 3 months

Demonstration Projects (DP)

  • Nature of Project: To promote wider adoption of effective cleaner production technologies to Hong Kong-owned factories
    (1) DP(i): to promote wider adoption of effective cleaner production technologies by participating factories
    (2) DP(ii): to support research and innovation in cleaner production technologies by participating factories
  • Funding Amount:
    (1) DP(i): 50% of the total project expenditure (subject to a ceiling of HKD450,000)
    (2) DP(ii): 50% of the total project expenditure (subject to a ceiling of HKD650,000)
  • Project Duration: Within 12 months

Organisation Support Initiative

  • Nature of Project: To provide funding support to trade and industry associations in Hong Kong to carry out trade-specific promotion and publicity activities for promoting wider adoption of cleaner production technologies
  • Funding Amount: Up to 90% of the total project expenditure
  • Project Duration: Within 12 months
Eligibility and Requirement

On-site Improvement Assessments and Demonstration Projects
Any business registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310) ("Hong Kong Business") and also meets any one of the following connection requirements below:

  • The Hong Kong Business has a connection in any of the following manner with a factory in the Guangdong province which is owned and operated by any of the followings:
    (1) a Sino-foreign equity joint venture or a co-operative joint venture established in the Mainland to which the Hong Kong Business is a party;
    (2) a wholly-owned foreign enterprise established in the Mainland with capital from the Hong Kong Business;
    (3) a Mainland enterprise which is a party to a subsisting agreement with the Hong Kong Business in relation to any of the three forms of processing and assembly operations or compensatory trade(三來一補); or
    (4) a Mainland enterprise to which a Hong Kong resident (natural person) is an owner with more than 50% shareholding or equity interest, who also possesses at least 30% shareholding or equity interest of the Hong Kong Business.
  • The Hong Kong Business owns and operates a factory in Hong Kong.
  • The Hong Kong Business which owns and operates a workshop in Hong Kong and which involves polluting processes such as paint-spraying and curing, solvent cleaning of metal parts and components, and vehicle engine testing, etc. may apply for Demonstration Projects.

Organisation Support Initiative
Any non-profit distributing organisations operating as a trade and industrial organisation which shall either be a statutory organisation or an organisation registered under the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is eligible to apply for funding support under the Organisation Support Initiative.

Application Procedures

Applicants shall complete the application form and submit it together with supporting documents as required to the Secretariat by email.

Implementation Agent
Hong Kong Productivity Council